Language Arts 2020-2021
6th Grade Language Arts

Karen Marquez
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Karen Seabolt
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7th Grade Language Arts

Kelly Scott
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Meenu Tangri
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8th Grade Language Arts

Dale Hicks
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Amy Quijada
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Language Arts ELD (6th/7th/8th)

Rosie Garcia
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School Administration 2020-2021
Rosanna Ortiz-Montoya

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Assistant Principal
 William Rosenberg

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Exceptional Ed 2020-2021
Exceptional Ed

Alexandra Hembree-6th grade/Dept Chair
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April Knippen-7th grade
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Leslie Landeen- 7th grade
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Michael Kelliher- 8th grade
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Patrick Feaman- 8th grade
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Barbara Panunzio 6th/7th/8th grade
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Mathematics 2020-2021
6th Grade Math

Peggy Wilmore
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Jamie Faulkner
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7th Grade Math

Jonathan Easley
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Brad Okuma 
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8th Grade Math

James Henry 
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Linda St Louis
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Math Intervention

To Be Announced 
Social Studies 2020-2021
6th Grades Social Studies
Sharon Petty
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 Scott Thompson
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7th Grades Social Studies

David Langen
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Mark Schiff
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8th Grades Social Studies
Brenda Blomquist
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Samantha Grumeretz
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Elective Teachers 2020-2021
Elective Teachers

Brian Donnelly- Art
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Christoper Snipes- Computer Lab
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John Mortiz- Computer/ VR
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Andre Bearden-Physical Education 
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Paul Cunningham-Physical Eduaction
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Courtney Owens-Physical Education
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Phillip Switzer- Band
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Andrew Nickles- Guitar/Orchestra
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Emil Lamanda- Drama
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Samantha Grumeretz- Yearbook
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James Henry- Student Council
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Science 2020-2021
6th Grade Science

Sonia Sikes
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John Davidson
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7th Grade Science

Bryce Fiero
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Lisa Kist
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8th Grade Science

Philip Norman
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Wendy Cooper
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Staff 2020-2021

Library Assistant

Anita Sueme
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Social Services
Ray Castaneda- Social Worker
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Tony Mosley- Counselor
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Sherry Franklin- Counselor
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Edward Adams- Speech Therapist
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Leayanne Miller-Hilden - Nurse
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TBA - Health Assistant 



Sonia Sikes - In School Intervention/Positive Interventions Center
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Jonathan Corbus - Multi-Tiered System of Support (MTSS)
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Katherine Sabel - Curriculum Service Provider (CSP)
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School Community Liaison

Michelle Rojas
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Julie Ryan- Office Manager
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Olivia Rendon- Registration/Attendance
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Juliann Pierson- Office Assistant
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School Monitors
Tim Watson
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Elizabeth Lytle
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