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Creating Excellence by Focusing on Community, Integrity, and Commitment 


Gridley Middle School, located in East Tucson, has a mission focused on community, integrity, and commitment. This means that we work endlessly to ensure that each is part of our school, has a voice, is honest, and committed to academic achievement.

Gridley Middle School values each student's potential to achieve. Our Highly Qualified teachers are committed to meeting the needs of our middle school students. We are a top performing school as evidenced by our AIMS test results, Parent Satisfaction ratings and Welcoming School Climate. The staff at Gridley believes in the teaming concept because it enhances communication and curriculum integration while preventing students from "falling through the cracks". We offer Honors classes in all of our core subjects including Algebra for 8th grade students. We also have an exceptional Fine Arts program offering Band, Guitar and Orchestra and Drama at all grade levels. We have a number of after school programs including greenhouse, garden and chicken coop club, interscholastic sports program, book club and chess club. Raytheon has partnered with us to offer our Virtual Reality computer class. Gridley's innovation will continue to have our students leading the district!

Gridley works to include parents, and teachers in the decision making process, as one of the hallmarks of Gridley is the belief that it takes a village to raise a child.

Lastly, Gridley incorporates many elements from STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Mathematics) to bring an engaging, real world, curriculum to its students body.